Odashi Shokudo

Kappo style Dashi Soup Curry


Hokkaido Dashi Soup Curry 
Lunch ¥1800-2500
Dinner Set ¥2500

-Hokkaido Drinks-

Sapporo classic Beer

Hokkaido corn tea
Hokkaido Burdock Tea
Furano Lavender Tea
Hokkaido azuki tea

Basically ICE is served.
If you would like a hot drink
Please note that due to the kitchen facilities, it may take some time to heat the tea in between cooking.
The price for a single item is 500 yen.


All of Odashi Shokudo's soup curry is made in Hokkaido.
It is made with carefully selected ingredients grown by our own farm in Biei-cho and our friends.
This soup curry is a taste of Hokkaido in its entirety.

Hokkaido Farmers

There are many delicious ingredients in Hokkaido.
We put the most recommended ingredients of the day on your plate.
Please enjoy the carefully selected ingredients that we recommend.


Original brand Garlic from our own farm
"Diamond Garlic".
No pesticides are used, and the production is done in small quantities because of the time and effort required. The garlic is like a rare diamond.
The characteristic of this garlic is that it is fragrant and elegant without being smelly.
This premium garlic is the secret ingredient of our soup curry.

Salmon Bushi

(Salmon bonito)

The soup base is also all made in Hokkaido.
The key ingredient is salmon bonito from Rausu.
It has an elegant and gentle taste.
It is a specialty product of Hokkaido.

Rausu Kombu

High-grade kelp that grows in Rausu, a Shiretoko Natural Heritage Site.
The taste is rich and powerful.
It goes well with salmon flakes of the same production area.


We use rice that is grown in Hokkaido.
The tea rice is cooked in the Japanese style.
The dashisoup and tea rice go well together.
Enjoy changing the flavors with the yuzu or sudachi (Japanese citrus fruit) served on the side.


Hokkaido Flat fish
Tokachi herb Beef
Furano Pork frank

Let's Eat Hokkaido